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State / Branch Office

Organization Chart


i.To enforce the following legislations:

  a. Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 and its regulations.
  b. Factories and Machinery Act 1967 and its regulations.
  c. Part of Petroleum Act 1984 (Safety Measures) and its regulations.
ii.To conduct research and technical analysis on issues related to occupational safety and health at the workplace.

iii.To carry out promotional and publicity programs to employers, workers and the general public to foster and increase the awareness of occupational safety and health.

iv.To give technical advice and information related to occupational safety and health management and technical matters to government and private agencies.

Enforcement Section

  • To enforce the Occupational Safety and Health Act and Regulations, 1994.
  • To conduct audit on safety and health management systems.
  • To manage and coordinate all audit activities for these sectors:
          1.    Manufacturing
          2.    Mining and Quarrying
          3.    Construction 
          4.    Hotels and Restaurant
          5.    Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
6.    Transport, Storage and Communication
          7.    Public Services and Statutory Authorities
          8.    Utilities - Gas, Electricity, Water and Sanitary Services 
          9.    Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Business Services
         10.   Wholesale and Retail Trades
  • To execute punitive action.
  • To provide technical support regarding safety and health to the sectors involved.
  • To declare the audit outcome and effectiveness to the HQ by preparing Monthly Report.


  • To conduct statutory inspection for:
          1.       boilers
          2.       unfired pressure vessels
          3.       lifting machines
          4.       passenger and good lifts
          5.       factory and installations
  • To manage and coordinate all the statutory inspections related matters for the above items.


  • To conduct enforcement or general or specific ergonomic inspection, i.e. standing at work, sitting at work, visual display unit, manual handling, control and display and hand tools.
  • To conduct audit on ergonomics at workplace.
  • To follow up and monitor the compliance.
  • To maintain and manage the enforcement / inspection database.
  • To enforce the Factories and Machinery (Noise Exposure) Regulations.
  • To inspect other physical hazard such as vibration, exposure, thermal stress, EMF, ioningradiation and non ioningradiation.
  • To conduct workplace monitoring and assessment.
  • To conduct enforcement on chemical and biological safety component in:  
    • Occupational Safety and Health Act, 1994
    • Factory and Machineries Act, 1967
  • To conduct occupational biological risk assessment and monitoring programme.
  • To make detection of occupational psychosocial problems.


  • To enforce OSH regulations especially Safety Policy and Occupational Safety and Health Committee.
  • To cooperate with government agencies and local NGOs regarding OSH.
  • To execute partnership programme i.e. Workplace Improvement for Small Enterprise (WISE) Programme.
  • To organise OSH training and workshops regarding law and accident prevention.
  • To provide consultation on OSH.
  • To create OSH encouragement programmes i.e. establishment of associations, Dandellion Programmes and Mentor Mentee.
  • To help headquarters on OSH research for SMI.

Building Constructions Sections

  • To register building sites.
  • To conduct inspection in construction sites.
  • To conduct OSH Management System Audits in Building Constructions.
  • To check and assess building construction technical documents.
  • To provide technical support.
  • To take punitive actions.
  • To monitor the Competent Person in building construction.


  • To investigate occupational disease and poisoning cases reported by investigation officers or employer..
  • To investigate any complaints on occupational disease and poisoning incidents.
  • To conduct audiometric test for special purpose.
  • To monitor the execution of health and medical surveillance job done by Occupational Health Doctors recognized by departments.
  • To do biological monitoring and assess the biological effect on workers exposed to hazardous chemical.
  • To monitor performance of Competent Person who conducts audiometric test.


  • To analyse the data and OSH information i.e. accidents and occupational disease data.
  • To provide information and OSH analyses report.
  • To create a holistic method to reduce occupational accidents rate, occupational disease etc.
  • To channel the most common accidents and occupational disease trend analyses report to the HQ Research and Policy Department.
  • To refine the data based on local OSH information which can be used to help determine department and national OSH policy goal.
  • To provide information needed to compose regulations on preventing accident and occupational disease risk at workplace.
  • To check, assess and grant permission for factory and new machinery registration applications.
  • To conduct initial and first inspection on factories and major installations.
  • To manage and coordinate inspection related matters for factories and installations.
  • To conduct load test and first inspection for passenger lifts.
  • To conduct hydrostatic and steam test for boilers.
  • To conduct hydrostatic test for unfired pressure vessels.
  • To check, assess the application and give recognition to Steam Boilers and Internal Combustion Engine Drivers, Crane Operators and Scaffolders.
  • To emit the certificate of fitness for new machinery that has been inspected and found satisfactory.


  • To conduct investigation and prepare the investigation papers and reports on cases:
    • reported by public;
    • involving accidents with permanent disability for prosecution and not for prosecution purpose; and
    • involving fatal accidents for investigation purpose.
  • To conduct investigation for cases involving violation of law and to prepare investigation papers for prosecution in any court purpose.
  • To investigate any account receivable cases for civil requisition purpose by DOSH legal Advisor.
  • To handle and store the exhibits systematically and in accordance with legal requirements.
  • To save all the records of cases that has completed proceedings.
  • To review investigation papers in progress.
  • To do preparation and thorough research for prosecution in any court purpose.
  • To handle ‘pleaded guilty’ or trial cases at the magistrate court.
  • To conduct thorough research regarding to the strength and weakness of a case.


  • To enforceOccupational Safety And Health (Control Of Industrial Major Accident Hazards ) Regulations 1996.
  • To create major and non major hazards installations register.
  • To ensure the execution of major and non major hazard OSH system.
  • To provide technical expertise service to the government and private agency.
  • To enforce Petroleum ( Safety Measures) (Transportation of Petroleum by Pipelines) Regulations 1985.
  • To create piping and bulk storage system register.
  • To ensure the piping and bulk storage system were handled according to the codes and standards.
  • To ensure the integrity of the piping and bulk storage system through periodic inspection.
  • To enforce the Factory and Machinery Act 1967.
  • To ensure the Special Inspection Scheme that has been approved was utilised.
  • To ensure the integrity of unfired pressure vessels and boilers in usage.
  • To monitor the execution of Special Inspection Scheme.


  • To manage and coordinate any information, poster, bunting, brochure, flyers, guidelines, promotional CD and OSH reference material received for dissemination purpose towards the target group and to maintain the resource centre ensuring that it was readily available.
  • To coordinate the collection of data and promotional information regarding OSH and to ensure the preparedness of latest statistic to be utilised by the national council for internal and external customers.
  • To participate in assisting the coordination in OSH promotional implementation activities from the National Council, employers, nongovernmental organisations or industrial association at the state level.
  • To attend during scheduled visits by the National Council at the state level.
  • To organize promotional and awareness workshop on all guidelines, Industrial code of practice or new OSH regulations enforced.
  • To prepare the financial estimation needed to provide promotional material and encouragement.
  • To act as customer service centre to obtain data and OSH information.

Administration Service Section

  • To manage and coordinate the administration of the state office.
  • To manage counselling and consultation affairs for the officers.
  • To implement the department’s and agency’s instruction related to administration.
  • To act as secretariat for the state’s Internal Meeting Committee.
  • To manage the rental of HQ and state office.
  • To manage filing system.
  • To manage correspondence system.
  • To manage and ensure proper maintenance of the state office vehicle.
  • To manage the gazetting process of State Office officer.
  • To process the authority card and identification of DOSH officers.
  • To manage the maintenance of the state office.
  • To carry out responsibilities in planning, monitoring and processing matters related to state office financing.
  • To plan out and prepare DOSH activity yearly programme.
  • To plan out and prepare quality and productivity programme.
  • To manage and coordinate revenue collection activity.
  • To manage the maintenance of office equipment.
  • To manage the verification and disposal of state office asset.
  • To manage and update the DOSH officers service record.
  • To manage the security of IT systems at the state office.
  • To provide management and operating service of the hardware and networking.
  • To ensure the maintenance of operating systems, hardware and network.
  • To provide operating, hardware and network system support.

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