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  • International Policy and Research Development
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  • International Policy and Research Development

International Policy and Research Development

Organization Chart


  1. To propose a policy based on studies, research and development of OSH
  2. To draft and review laws
  3. To monitor the implementation of the department's policy
  4. Communicate and explain the information and policies of the Department


  • Drafting and preparing NEW drafts of Acts, Regulations, Orders, Industrial Code of Practices, Guidelines and Director General's Circulars including carrying out the work of gathering necessary information (research findings), reviewing drafts for the purpose of drafting.
  • Review and amend the EXISTING Acts, Regulations, Orders, Industrial Code of Practices, Guidelines and Director General's Circulars. Reviewing process includes in terms of weaknesses, suitability of the current situation and improvements that can be made to further strengthen the Acts, Regulations, Orders, Industrial Code of Practices, Guidelines and Director General's Circulars.
  • Member of the Review Team for the purpose of reviewing, proof reading and reviewing the draft of the Act / Regulations / Orders / Industrial Code of Practices / Guidelines.
  • Coordination to organise and maintain TC/WG established for development of Malaysia Standards/ Guidelines/ Code of Practice by external agencies (JSM, SIRIM, MITI, MOFA, KDN, MBAM, NIOSH, NRE, KKM, MQA,AADK-KKM, SPAN, CIDB, KPDNKK, Petronas, JPK dan etc)
  • Organise the review of the proposed draft Malaysian Standard/ Guidelines related to OSH.
  • Focal point for information management and coordination from "WTO TBT Inquiry Point (Malaysia)" - JSM, MITI
  • Review or conduct study on other standards for the purpose of the benchmarking process before determining new policy.
  • Secretariat for Department's Policy Review Meeting.


  • Coordinate and monitor the monthly / annual achievements of the activities of state offices and divisions at headquarters.
  • Perform analysis work on data and information on enforcement as well as promotional programs conducted by the Department (prosecution data and Achievement data of Divisions and State Offices).
  • Assist KSM in providing feedback on OSH issues raised in Parliament.
  • Prepare and monitor the achievement of KPIs YB Minister and KSU.
  • Manage the entry and conduct of analytical work on accident and occupational disease data [DOSH 7, DOSH 8, accident data for local workers (SOCSO) and accident data for foreign workers (JTK)].
  • To ensure the implementation of the resolution reached in the Board of Directors, Policy Review Meetings, KSM level Management Meetings and others related to the National OSH policy including being the Secretariat in the Department Policy Review Meeting.
  • Coordinate and monitor development and research projects related to OSH Department
  • Plan and conduct research programs as well as supervise and coordinate research with universities and other agencies including providing scholarly writing such as journals, articles and others.
  • To be a liaison body with external organizations / agencies to establish research cooperation related to OSH
  • Conduct analysis work and make reports regarding the implementation of the Department's strategy group program (Public Sector, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Veterinary Sector, SME Sector, Construction Sector and Construction Site)
  • Plan, draft and provide input and report of the Department's strategic plan.
  • Supervise and coordinate the Department's innovation program.
  • Ensure the communication, engagement and consulting process can be implemented to all internal and external customers
  • Receive, evaluate and act on communication processes, including receiving feedback in applying awareness, knowledge, customer problem solving in aspects of occupational safety and health as well as involvement and consultation with external parties.
  • Ensure that all services that do not meet the set requirements are identified and controlled to prevent them from being used in the process or reaching the customer.
  • To be the liaison body in the distribution of information / policies / programs implemented by the department
  • Manage and coordinate complaints and public inquiries related to OSH
  • Proposed ratification of ILO Convention.
  • Conduct OSH development programs and prepare international reports such as MTCP, TCTP, MHLW Japan, ASEAN OSHNet Training, OIC OSHNet Training, United Nation, ILO, IALI, ASEAN OSHNet, CAPAM, SLOM, ASEM, OIC and OSHNet.
  • Coordinate international meetings such as MHLW Japan, ASEAN OSHNet, OIC OSHNet, United Nation, ILO, IALI, ASEAN OSHNet, CAPAM, SLOM, ASEM, OIC and OSHNet.
  • Coordinate programs as well as prepare approval papers and presentation papers internationally.
  • Prepare and analyze MoU papers with international agencies.
  • Prepare and update "National OSH Scorecard" data.




  • To propose the needed frequencies to havea meeting with theChairman.

  • To prepare minutes of meeting within 7 days after the meeting.

  • To prepare the meeting's requirement.

  • To prepare feedback of meeting and and distribute to the meeting's member.

  • To collect information and prepare report to committee members.


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