• Office of Legal Advisor

Office of Legal Advisor

Organization Chart


The Legal Division plays an important role in advising the Department on matters relating to legal issues within the following scopes:
  • To provide legal advice to the Department on occupational safety and health issues in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Constitution and the relevant laws that have been passed;
  • To vet agreement documents and memoranda of understanding to be executed by the Department and any other instruments which contain legal elements to ensure that all documents are in conformance with the law;
  • To observe, manage, supervise and regulate judicial proceedings and compound cases throughout the country involving the Department; 
  • To conduct civil litigation cases for summons involving the Department and to issue letters of demand to liable parties for overdue payments of workplace or machine registration; 
  • To gazette appointments of Department officers, exemption orders, and any other orders or regulations made by the Department;
  • To vet proposals for the amendment of acts, orders and regulations and to draft new orders and regulations; and
  • To co-operate with other divisions to provide legal training and advice.



  • To attend meetings on legal issues at the Departmental and Ministerial levels.
  • To conduct discussions with State offices regarding investigation papers for any non-compliance with any act or subsidiary legislations by companies or individuals.
  • To give consent to prosecute or to compound any act of non-compliance that has been committed.
  • To conduct training or briefing sessions on legal matters.
  • To provide written or verbal advice on occupational safety and health issues to the Department and the public.
  • To submit daily reports to the Attorney General’s Chamber on activities of the Department.

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