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Sistem Kawal Urus Dokumen (SKUDv3)

Submit application for the design of steam boilers, unfired pressure vessels, hoisting machinery and permission to install (PTI)/permission to operate (PTO) petroleum pipelines.

Note: SKUDv3 only compatible with Internet Explorer 7 & above. In order for SKUDv3 to work correctly in Internet Explorer 9 & above, IE must be set to compatibility mode.


DOSH Online Services System (MyKKP)

Online application for:

Competent Person:
i. Registration and Renewal for Safety and Health Officer
ii. Registration and Renewal for Site Safety Supervisor
iii. Registration and Renewal for Authorised Gas Tester and Entry Supervisor
iv. Registration and Renewal for Scaffolder
v. Registration and Renewal for Crane Operator
vi. Registration for Internal Combustion Engine Driver
vii. Registration for Steam Engine Driver


i. Registration of Workplace for Others Sector
ii. Notification in respect of Taking Over of Factory (JKJ 102)
iii. Notification in respect of Building Operation and Works of Engineering (JKJ 103)
iv. Hydrostatic Test
v. Annual Inspection for Machinery
vi. Machinery Relocation
vii. Machinery Right of Ownership Transfer

Online payment service is available for any online application through MyKKP that involves payment.

 G2B, G2C

e-JKKP7 System

Online Notification of Occupational Poisoning and Occupational Disease.


Chemical Information Management System (CIMS)

Online Notification and Registration of Classification, Labelling and Safety Data Sheets of Hazardous Chemicals.



Steam Engineer/EPD Examination Date status.



Steam Engineer/EPD Examination Result status.


OSH Accident Cost Calculator (OSHACC)

Allow employers to estimate the accident costs and also to increase awareness of the costs to employers of workplace.


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