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  • Corporate Services Division
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  • Corporate Services Division

Corporate Services Division



"Provide a support system to every department member in management, general administration, human resources management, financial management, information technology management, human capital development and resource center management efficiently and effectively."


Administrative and Financial Section responsibles for the department's financial administration and management towards achieving the objectives of increasing the department’s Excellency. This section is divided into 4 units:

Administration Unit 1
  • Managing aspects such as the general administration, management of telephones, vehicles, security, maintenance and the premise's cleanliness.
  • ISO Committee, Directors' Meeting Committee, Service Management Audit Committee.

B. Administration Unit 2

  • Handle the office's supplies, assets, storage, working areas and the management of files, documents and letters.
  • Government Assets Management Committee (JKPAK), Department Meeting Committee.

C. Financial Unit

  • Assist in overseeing the financial management (income and expenses) for the Management Fund and the Department Development Fund so that all the related affairs are conducted according to instructions and circulars and are completed within the time allocated.
  • Finance and Accounts Management Committee.

D. Library

  • Supervise the receiving process, subscriptions, processing, cataloguing, voluming, restoring and depreciation of the library's reading materials.
  • Conduct the indexing process of articles from the selected subscribed publications.


Human Resource Management Section responsibles for the planning and implementation of the Human Resource Management in order to achieve the objective towards enhancing the department's Excellency. This section is divided into 2 units.

A. Achievement and Discipline Unit
  • Plan and implement the process regarding promotions and substitution.
  • Handle the nomination process of awards, medals and stars for officers working in DOSH Malaysia.
  • Plan and enforce all matters related to the department discipline.
  • Human Resource Development Panel Committee (for Excellent Service Awards and Salary Movement), Committee for Assets Declaration, Committee for the department's Organization of Comprehensive Administration and Management (JKTU), Committee for the department's Organization of Value Analysis.

B. Services, Organization Development and HRMIS Unit
  • Supervise matters related to services, remuneration and retirement of the department's officers and staff and oversee that the HRMIS data is updated.
  • Coordinate and update the reports, the complete list of the department's enrolment and the department’s organizational chart from time to time.
  • Conducting research on the department restructuring, enrolment strengthening, enrolment scheme and analysis.
  • Committee for the Transfer Appeal Meeting. Committee for the Placement Meeting, Committee for the Organization Development Research, Committee for the Core Team, Committee for the Champion Team, Drivers Organization, Implementation Organization of the department and Service Scheme Research Committee. 


Information Technology Section provides computer service and support in order to increase the effectiveness of technology usage according to the department’s requirements.

A. Operational and Maintenance Unit
  • Supervise and control hardware and network maintenance.
  • Handle and control ICT hardware acquisition of the DOSH headquarter and state offices.
  • Supervise and regulate ICT hardware depreciation of the DOSH headquarter and state offices.
B. Application Development Unit
  • Formulate, manage and develop the application system for DOSH headquarter internally or externally for complex system big or small in determining the customers’ need analysis.
  • Plan, manage, standardized and develop any kind of programming, testing, training and roll out internally or externally for all types of system which are used by the DOSH headquarters and state offices.
  • Formulate, supervise standardize and implement the training of application system for customers.
C. Data Management Unit
  • Plan, manage and develop DOSH’s website by both internal and external sources through the requirement analysis.
  • Plan, manage and standardize the web designs according to the requirement analysis result which is conducted by internal or external sources.
  • Plan and manage any type of multimedia presentation of the DOSH Headquarters by designing the required multimedia.


  • Responsible in planning and enforcing the training program to improve their knowledge, skills, attitude positive values and practices amongst the officers and staff in the aspects of security and health, work and human development which in the end will guarantee the continuity in the learning process to make sure the staff and officers have such successful careers.
  • Responsible for the planning, standardization, implementation and monitoring of courses and training in or outside the country of the department’s staff and officers.


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