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Construction Site Registration

  • It shall be the duty of any person carrying out any building operation or engineering works to notify the Inspector in writing as specified in Section 35, Factories and Machinery Act 1967. Such notification shall be made through registering the site to the Construction Work Section at State Office of Department of Occupational Safety and Health within a period not later than 7 days from the start of the operation. This notification or registration does not apply to:
         1. The operation of a building or engineering construction work where the work activity does not involve machinery and is expected to be completed in less than 6 weeks, and
         2. The work activity is in the operation of a building or engineering construction work that has already obtained written permission from the Inspector.


    Please contact the state office of Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) regarding the application.  DOSH Staff Directory 


    • Application for registration of factories and certificated machinery is done online through MyKKP at
    • Log In (ID and Password)> Factory and Machinery> Workplace/Factory > Construction Work Notification
    • References can also be referred to on the MyKKP website, by clicking on the GUIDE tab > FACTORY AND MACHINERY > FACTORY WORKPLACE > CONSTRUCTION WORK NOTIFICATION (here).
  • 1. Complete Information on the Name of Contractor/Builder
    2. Project Information
    3. Employee/Project Officer Information:
    I. Safety and Health Officer (SHO) for Projects with Cost of RM20 Million or More (≥ RM20 Million)
    II. Compulsory Construction Site Safety Supervisor (SSS) For Each Construction Site
    4. Information on the Number of Construction Site Workers
    5. Sub-Contractor Information
    6. Architect and Consultant Information
    7. Responsible Person (OYB) Information
    8. COMPULSORY Documents:
    I. Application Letter of the Applying Company (Main Contractor) to DOSH
    II. "Letter Of Award" (LOA) For Projects To Be Built
    III. Description of the Construction Work Schedule that clearly shows the direction to the construction site location
    IV. Company Safety and Health Policy which is Dated and Signed
    9. Additional Supporting Documents:
    I. Local Authority approval letter/planning permission
    10. Other supporting documents with acknowledgements

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