Boiler & Pressure Vessel Hydrostatic Test


This procedure aims to explain the application to carry out hydrostatic or operating test which is witnessed by a DOSH officer.

  1. The steam boiler or pressure vessel to be tested has obtained design approval (new machinery) or repair approval (registered machinery).
  2. Submit application letter to carry out the test on the machinery to the State DOSH Office where the test will be carried out.
  3. Contact DOSH office to set a test date not later than one week from the date of the test.
  4. Submit information on the machinery such as copy of letter of approval, manufacturer's data report, welder record and other related information to DOSH officer before the test is carried out.
Flow Chart

Obtain letter of approval:

i.     Design
ii. Repair approval

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Send application letter to DOSH office

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Contact DOSH office to set test date

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Submit relevant information to DOSH officer

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