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SHO Performance Indicators

Participation of Industry in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

1.   In general, everyone involves in a construction project should cooperate and helping each other in controlling occupational hazards and complying with legal requirements. Depending on the contractual arrangement, client, designer and constructor are the three main parties that involve in a construction project.

2   Constructor appointed by the client, who has control during construction phase should plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the construction works. As an employer, constructor also has a duty to ensure construction works are carried out in ways that secure the safety and health of his workers and other people, including members of public.


Consulting and engaging with workers

3.   Workplaces where workers are consulted and engaged in decisions about safety and health measures are safer and healthier. Consultation about safety and health is two-way. It involves giving information to workers, listening to them and taking account of what they say before decisions are made by the employer. For example, hold meetings before work starts to discuss the work planned for the day, identify risks and agree appropriate control measures. Involving workers helps those responsible for safety and health to manage it in a practical way by:

    1. helping spot workplace risks and knowing what to do about them;
    2. making sure safety and health controls are appropriate;
    3. increasing the level of commitment to working in a safe and healthy way.

4.   Consultation is a legal requirement.  Workers should be consulted at the right time.  The Occupational Safety and Health (Safety and Health Committee) Regulations and the Factories and Machinery (Building Operations and Works of Engineering Construction) (Safety) Regulations require employers to consult their workforce and sub-contractors about safety and health, either direct with workers or through elected representatives. 


Responsibilities of Safety and Health Officer

5.   In order to help the employer fulfilling his statutory responsibilities, the safety and health officer (SHO) has been created by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). The general duties of an SHO are to ensure compliance and to promote a safe conduct of work. Regulatory responsibilities of an SHO are specifically prescribed in the Occupational Safety and Health (Safety and Health Officer) Regulations.

6.   The SHO should be able to advise his employer so to achieve the objective of protecting fellow workers from construction works hazards. An SHO has specific knowledge on:

    1. OSH legislations;
    2. Occupational risk assessment;
    3. Preparation of safe operating procedure;
    4. Monitoring the effectiveness of control measures;
    5. Encouraging worker’s participation; and
    6. Continuously improving to ensure sustained compliance to OSH law.

Appointment of an SHO is encouraged among the client and designer, but mandatory to the constructor if the total contract price exceeds RM20 million.


SHO Performance Indicators

7.   The SHO Performance Indicators is developed to help an SHO and his employer to fulfill their prescribed duties under law. The performance indicators are the leading indicators on:

    1. employer’s commitment;
    2. legal compliance;
    3. worker’s participation; and
    4. effectiveness of control measures at workplace.

8.   It has developed based on the regulatory requirements. The use of this report will help the employer in his continuous and systematic efforts in controlling every hazards that can harm his workers and other person. To the SHO, the use of this report will prove that he has done enough to comply with the law.


What SHO Need to Do

9.   SHO should fill up the indicators achieved every month, except the Total Received Notice (items 23 – 25). The total number of notices must represent the overall number of notices received over the whole period of construction project.

10.  The project manager, as the main representative of the employer in any construction project should ensure SHO completed the on-line report.


What DOSH Does

11.  The need to complete and submit the report will be informed to the employers and SHO during the process of registering the construction site, JKJ 103 enhancement program and promotional activities. For ongoing projects, encouragement will done during site inspection by the DOSH officers.

12.  DOSH officers should check and record the figures into the statistics monitoring record in each state, before they are submitted to the CSD every month. Information from the report can be used as a guidance in deciding which site needed to inspect.



13.  Regulation 12 of the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations (Safety dn Health Officer) 1997 stated that the Director General may refuse to rnew registration if the SHO has failed to conduct his duties.


SHO Performance Indicators Report can be filled up online at this link (recommended):


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