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Implementation Of Basic Occupational Health Services Programme For Small And Medium Enterprises

The Basic Occupational Health Programme is implemented to identify problems of occupational diseases or poisoning among workers who have not been through any basic health screening or basic medical check-ups, particularly in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The programme recommends preemptive and control measures to employers with the following goals:

Identify problems related to occupational diseases and poisoning among workers in small and edium industries.

Reduce the incidence of occupational diseases and poisoning in this country.

Provide advice to employers on the health protection of workers.

Provide recommendations to enable employers to execute prevention and control at a rate that is practicable (ALARP).

Increase the level of awareness of occupational poisoning and diseases and the relevant regulations among employers and employees.


Among the approaches used to implement this programme are:

Cooperation with “Umbrella Programme” under the Small and Medium Industries Section in State offices.

Guidance and technical programmes with emphasis on imparting knowledge in occupational health.

Providing basic occupational health services among the employees to identify occupational diseases and poisoning.

During the year 2012, a total of 294 Basic Occupational Health programmes were implemented throughout the country.

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