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Canopy Roof Structure Collapsed

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An incident involving the collapse of a canopy roof structure is in the process of installation in a complex took place at about 11.00 am, 2 February 2015 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Few construction workers involve with the installation work were injured and 1 was reportedly died in hospital. The incident also led to the canopy roof structure was badly damaged and anchors to building concrete structure were broken and pulled out.

The root cause of the of the canopy roof structure collapse are identified due to several factors such as:

  1. Misinterpretation of the canopy roof structure design;
  2. Information in the construction drawings was not adequate;
  3. Anchor bolt could not support the weight of the structure;
  4. Anchor bolt is not sufficient to bear applied load;
  5. The size and depth of the bolt is not sufficient to bear applied load;
  6. Installation of the anchor does not meet the criteria of safe installation procedure;
  7. Materials used for the construction are substandard;
  8. Low quality of construction work caused by the connection cannot achieve the maximum reliability;
  9. Concrete compression strength is lower than the required design strength.

Proposed improvements:

  1. Concrete structure must comply with the standard specification requirements;
  2. The design of the canopy roof structure must comply with the prescribed standards and codes. If there are any changes to the design, it must be referred to the designer for approval before installation is made;
  3. Installation should fully meet the requirements of the approved design specifications and must comply with the safe installation methods. Installation should be done by those who are competent;
  4. Ensure that the material used for the installation of a canopy roof structure does not suffer from a defect and meet the standards set specifications;
  5. The use and installation of chemical bolt anchors must comply with the manufacturer's instructions or requirements and design specifications. These instructions include the size and depth of the holes drilled, installation procedures and timelines durable;
  6. HIRARC must be done before the installation of the roof structure;
  7. The management should monitor the stability of the roof structure during construction to ensure that workers and the public do not exposed to the risk of structural collapse.


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