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  • Collapse Of A Concrete Floor Structure Of The Under Construction Building At Selayang Prima, Selangor

Collapse Of A Concrete Floor Structure Of The Under Construction Building At Selayang Prima, Selangor

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An incident involving the collapse of a concrete floor structure have occurred at a building construction project in Selayang Prima, Selangor. This incident occurred during concrete pouring work on the floor of the structure that was carried out by construction workers. During the incident , there are 5 workers are doing the work of pouring the concrete.

While the workers were doing concreting work on the floor structure at floor CP1, suddenly the floor structure collapsed to the floor below. All workers who are in that place also fell with the collapsed concrete floor. This accident caused mild injuries to three workers and two other workers suffered serious injuries. The floor structure which is under construction suffered severe damage. There were no casualties in this incident.

The floor structure is in concrete was supported by scaffolding structure that acts as a falsework.

The recommendation of accident prevention measures are:

  1. Structural support / scaffolding (falsework) shall be designed by a professional engineer by any recognized code;
  2. Installation of the supporting structure must be in accordance with design specifications drawn up by professional engineers and the installation must be approved or certified by the professional engineer;
  3. A designated person shall supervise during the erection of the supporting structure;
  4. Where the formwork structure is designed by a Profesional Engineer , he shall be responsible for the supervision of the construction and the stability of such struture;
  5. The Inspection of the strength and stability of the supporting structure / scaffold should be done thoroughly by the designated person regularly , especially when pouring the concrete on the floor structure;
  6. Any unsafe conditions discovered during the inspection, shall be rectified immediately;
  7. Every scaffold and every part thereof shall be of good construction, of suitable and sound material and of adequate strength for the purpose for which it used;
  8. Scaffolds installed and used shall be in a good condition (no deformation, not rusty or did not suffer wear and tare);
  9. All scaffolds and their supports shall be capable of supporting the load they are designed to carry with a safety factor of at least four;
  10. When the supporting structure has been built, a designated person shall make a thorough check regularly to ensure that the structure is safe and sound stability.
  11. HIRARC and Safe Operating Procedures should be provided and training on the matter should be given to the workers before pouring the concrete work done.


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