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  • Floor Of Supermarket Under Construction Collapse At Pulau Sebang Melaka

Floor Of Supermarket Under Construction Collapse At Pulau Sebang Melaka

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An incident occurred when a floor structure of a supermarket which was under construction collapsed and hit the 9 workers. In the incident, the workers were removing the scaffolds from the mezzanine floor when the chiller floor suddenly collapsed (Figure 1). Three were killed while another workers had sustained injuries. The area which was involved in the incident is the first floor, mezzanine floor and chiller floor.

Subjected to the Factory Machinery Act (Building Operations and Works of Engineering Construction (Safety) Regulations 1986,the following safety measures are recommended:

  1. Floor structures,beams and stiffener construction shall be performed according to the specifications.
  2. Stripped form shall be removed as per procedure and stripping shall not commence until the concrete is fully set in accordance with the Professional Engineer’s specification and approved by him prior to such stripping.
  3. HIRARC and Safe Operating Procedure shall be provided before stripped form was constructed.
  4. Material that has been used for constructing the floor,stiffener and beam must be as per designated specifications.
  5. Formwork and reshores shall be certified structurally safe by a Professional Engineer and shall be braced or tied together so as to maintain the position and type.
  6. Upon the erection of the formwork, the designated person shall make a through inspection to ensure the formwork is safe.
  7. Reshoring shall be provided when necessary to safety support slabs and beams after stripping or where such members are subjected to superimposed loads due to construction above these slabs and beams.
  1. Factory and Machinery Act ( Building Operations and Works Of Engineering Construction (Safety)1986.
  2. Guidelines For Public Safety and Health at Construction Sites, JKKP Malaysia.



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