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Accident Involved With Derrick Crane

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Figure 1: Bucket of bricks
On March 2009, an incident which involved a derrick crane occurred at construction site. The incident caused immediate death of two workers at the scene after crashed by a bucket filled with bricks. The incident occurred during lifting of a bucket fully loaded with bricks from ground floor to the 34th floor. During lifting of the bucket, suddenly the wire rope snapped. It caused the bucket to fall and crashed onto workers who were standing at the loading area. There were two signalman during incident who were at ground floor and level 34. The derrick crane was installed at top level of the construction building which at level 39 and is used to dismantle tower crane.
Access to construction site must be safe and labelled properly.

Figure 2: Derrick Crane
Hoisting wire rope for lifting must in good condition at every time derrick crane is installed and operation.
Ensure effective communication between signalman, loading workers and crane operator.
Practice safe lifting by prohibiting anyone from walking under the load during lifting activity.
Any lifting activity must be supervised by Safety and Health Officer even during weekends.


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