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Accident Involving Crawler Crane

A fatal accident occurred on August 13, 2011 involving a crawler crane at a construction site in Shah Alam. The accident has caused a construction site worker killed due to the impact of crane boom falling. During the accident, binding of spun pile which to be removed from the elevator shaft is in progress. The crane was lifting load weighing 2 tons at a height of about 2 meters; crane boom suddenly fell and crashed on the victim who was on the cliffs near the elevator shaft. Luffing wire rope found to have broken on the pulley or bridle.

Picture 1 : Crawler crane which involved and broken luffing wire rope

Safety measures:

  1. A safe working system for lifting operations must be provided and maintained. Among other things, the risk of slipping or displacement of any load must be handled correctly;
  2. Installation of cranes should be carried out properly and throughly before starting crane operation;
  3. Lifting operations should be planned and carried out systematically in order load which lifted do not cross construction workers work areas;
  4. Any information, instruction and training also supervision for workplace safety sould be provided;
  5. The crane maintainer shall conduct periodic detail inspection on every important component of the crane. No gears, chains or wire rope can be usedin lifting unless it is in good condition, strong and has adequate strength and free from patent defects;
  6. Daily inspections on cranes, parts of the main structure, component- driven and safety control device shall be conducted by a qualified crane operator before it is operated.

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