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SOHELP Training Centre Info

  • Systematic Occupational Health Enhancement Level Programme SOHELP was executed in the year 2015. This program has been introduced due to the increasing number of cases that related to occupational health particularly from chemical exposure, ergonomic issue, and hearing loss at the workplaces. Besides, the statistic gathered from the enforcement activities performed by the DOSH States has shown that the degree of OSH Management at workplace among the SME in Malaysia is still below par or unsatisfactory.

    Hence, the Department has introduced a systematic program called SOHELP to improve the degree of Industrial Hygiene management at workplace particularly in the aspect of chemical management, ergonomic and noise exposure. This program will become a mind changer to those industry players with the perception that Industrial Hygiene Management at the workplace is complex and difficult to be performed. This program is outlined to have high impact, easy to execute, low cost, and can be performed by various types of industry with the focus on high-risk workplace.

    A recognized training centre hence, is needed to provide a more systematic training to the industry players and further, ensure a quality training can be delivered. Therefore, to ensure that the training standards provided by the training centre can be controlled and meet the objectives, recognition will be given to the training centre that meets the criteria set out in this guidance.

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