Authorised Gas Tester / Entry Supervisor

  • Authorized Gas Tester are responsible to carry out atmospheric test in confined spaces.

    Entrace Supervisors are responsible to supervise all activities before, during and after the employee's entry into the confined space.

    An employer must appoint, employ or hire a competent person called AGTES to conduct gas testing and supervise the process of entry into confined spaces as specified in the Industrial Code of Practices of Safe Working in a Confined Space 2010.

    AGT & ES who appointed by employers must have attended training courses on safe working in confined spaces for qualified gas testers and entry supervisors, and have passed tests or exams.

    AGT must:
    a. Have latest knowledge of the hazards that may be encountered during admission, including information on the symptoms, symptoms and symptoms and consequences of exposure;
    b. Identify all hazards and recommend control measures to ensure safe entry;
    c. Be knowledgeable of all confined space entry equipment;
    d. Test and interpret gas reading levels in confined spaces;
    e. Perform otherduties and responsibilities as outlined in the Code of Working Safely in a Confined Space 2010.

    ES must:
    a. Have the latest knowledge of the hazards that may occur during entry into confined spaces;
    b. Supervises all activities before, during, and after operations in confined spaces;
    c. Carry out inspections and confirm all procedures, tests and equipment specified in the work permit are complied with before the work permit is approved;
    d. Stop the entry and revoke the work permit if the admissible entry condition cannot be maintained;
    e. Closing the work permit after entry is complete; and
    f. Perform other duties and responsibilities as outlined in the Code of Working Safely in a Confined Space 2010.

  • Qualifications
    1. Minimum SPM or equivalent qualifications and credit / at least grade C in Science subject
    2. Has attended the course for AE-SP and AGT-ES
    3. Has passed AE-SP and AGT-ES examination
    4. Has a minimum of 3 years working experience in confined space
    1. Applicant will be registered as AGT or ES if he/she meets the above requirement.
    2. Application for registration must be submitted to the Department no later than three (3) months before the expiry of the AE-SP training certificate card and AGT-ES qualification certificate
    3. The approval period is based on the AG-TES examination approval period from NIOSH or the completion period of the project being occupied (Whichever expires first)
    Additional Procedures:

    Additional Procedures for the Registration

    Additional Procedures for the Registration (Others)

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