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It is providing a working environment which is conducive to safety and health. Reasonable precautionary steps are taken so as to ensure that workers are prevented from injury or health hazard due to work activities being carried out.
Managing Occupational Safety and Health at the work place is no different than managing the other aspects of business. The exception is that requires the commitment of the proprietor or owner to complete the following 3 steps:
i. The workplace must have a Policy Statement on Occupational Safety and Health;
ii. Planning (including the implementation of HIRARC, training, instructions and auditing) on Occupational Safety and Health, and
iii. To take remedial action for any improvement to be made.
The employer can start by first identifying the hazards at the workplaces/processes. Then evaluate the risks for every activity being carried out. Subsequently take the necessary action to control the said risks. This process is called HIRARC.
The employers, employees, self-employed workers, designers, manufacturer, importers, as well as plant and supply vendors are all responsible to ensure occupational safety and health at the workplace.

The employer is obligated to protect the employees in relation to safety, health and welfare through the following procedures:

  • To provide and maintain a safe plant and working system;
  • To put in place procedures so as to ensure safety and health in the usage, handling, storage and transportation of the plant and supplies; 
  • To provide information, instruction, training and supervision for new and old employees;
  • To provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and free from health hazards; and
  • To provide the necessary amenities for the welfare of those who are working.

The employees can expect to be protected from discrimination, injury or re-designated by the employer in cases if :

  • He/She make a report about the unsafe conditions or work practices in the workplace;
  • He/She become a member of the safety and health committee; and
  • He/She carry out his/her duties as a member of the safety and health committee.

The employer should form the Safety and Health Committee at the workplace when there are 40 or more employees in the workplace or when instructed by the Director General of DOSH.

The Occupational Safety and Health policy is a written statement briefly stating the following commitment:
* The employer will provide safety, health and welfare for the employee during the working hours by implementing the relevant regulations and work procedures; and
* The employee will comply with the regulations and work procedures so as to ensure their own safety.

The policy statement will be displayed is strategic places that will be visible to the employee.

The functions of the Safety and Health Committee at the workplace are :

  • To review the safety and health procedures at the workplace;
  • To investigate any complaints or other related matters that are raised; and
  • To hold regular discussions with the employer on issues relating to safety and health at the workplace.

Yes! An employer who is classified under the Safety and Health Act 1994 must employ a competent person to act as a Safety and Health Officer.

Yes! Everyone who "work" in the Manufacturing Sector: Mining and Quarrying; Construction; Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing; Utilities; Storage and Communication; Wholesale and Retail Trades; Hotel and Restaurant; Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Business Service Sector; Public Services and Statutory Authorities are governed by the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 (Act 514).

  • To ensure that the others who are at the workplace are not in any way exposed to the safety and health hazards due to the usage of dangerous machinery/plant processes, and
  • To provide safety and health information to others who may be exposed to risk while the workers are carrying out their work.

The Safety and Health Officer is to ensure that the Safety and Health Act 1994 is complied with and also instrumental in promoting a safe and healthy working environment.

Every employee has the responsibility to :

  • Be reasonably attentive so as to avoid injury onto themselves as well as others while carrying out their work activities; and
  • Co-operate with the employer and others so as to fulfill the provision of the law.

Employer who fail to ensure safety, health and welfare of employees at the workplace shall be guilty of an offence and shall on conviction will be liable to a fine not exceeding RM 50,000.00 or to imprisonment not exceeding two years or to both.