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Continuous Education Program (CEP) Point System

  • Under Regulation 8 of the Occupational Safety and Health (Safety and Health Officer) Regulations 1997, Occupational Safety and Health Officer who is registered with the Department shall attend any continuous education programme at least once in a year for the purpose of renewal of registration. The definition of the continuous education program (Continuous Education Programme - CEP) is mainly limited to attending courses recognized by the Department with 15 CEP points.

    However, (Safety Health Officer - SHO) is also actively involved in other activities related to occupational safety and health such as promotion, development of standards or guidelines, and the development of competencies.Therefore, the Department has broaden the definition of CEP to six (6) activities which will allow SHO to conform with Regulation 8. The details of these new activities which bring CEP points can be founding the Grading System Scoring Schedule.

    Hence, this guideline mainly address the requirements for obtaining programme approval as outlined in section 4.3 in the Grading System Scoring Schedule.

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