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  • Safety Alert Of Permanent Gondola Incident

Safety Alert Of Permanent Gondola Incident

bkf1 062015
Figure 1. Gondola platform

An incident occurred where a gondola that being used by two workers to clean the building window had fallen from 24 meters height (level 5 or 6) to ground (Figure 1). The workers were injured and were rushed to hospital for treatment.The gondola is a permanent type where the system consists of hoisting motor and drum located on top of the building. The owner is responsible for carrying out a full inspection of every component with control and supervision by competent firm registered with DOSH.

Points to remember when using gondola are:

  1. Every electrical motor component should be checked each time before the gondola used.
  2. Brake mounted on the motor shall be compatible and tested at regular intervals.
  3. Over speed governor on the drum must be in good condition and could functioning when the gondola is moving beyond normal speed.
  4. Electricity supply from the control panel to the motor system must be tested to ensure adequate electrical power supplied to the motor system.
  5. Wire rope should be checked to ensure there are no defects on the wire rope which can affect the strength.
  6. Total load on the gondola must consider the number of employees including the equipment and shall not exceed safe working load.
  7. Gondola operators shall be supplied with full PPE and fall arrest system.
  8. Gondola operators shall be given competent training and monitored regularly.


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