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  • Fatal Accident Involving A Passenger Lift

Fatal Accident Involving A Passenger Lift


A fatal accident involving a passenger lift happened late 2010 in a low-cost apartment somewhere in the state of Selangor. The victim was found trapped in between the header and lift apron for the lift machine between 5th and 4th floors.Please refer figure 1. This accident caused severe injury which lead to the death of the victim at the scene. Investigation found that the lift was stuck between the levels 6 and 5 or 5 and 4 with 2 passengers inside the lift car. According to witnesses, the victim tried to open the lift landing door in order to rescue the 2 passengers who were trapped inside the lift car. However, the lift car suddenly moved causing the victim to be trapped when the victim tried to climb into the lift car.

Figure 1 : Location where victim was found trapped

Recommendation for Safe Action:

  1. The passengers inside the lift car which malfuntions should press the emergency button to sound the alarm and not to try to open the lift car.They should wait for the arrival of the lift maintanence company personnel that will render assistance and to get them out of the lift car safely.
  2. The public should not attempt to rescue victims trapped in the lift car. Only lift competent person and technicians who are trained and experienced are allowed to undertake such rescue.
  3. Maintainence company shall ensure that the lift landing door lock fixture is in good condition and cannot be opened by using any other tool other than the lift door key supplied by the manufacturer. The building owner is not allowed to possess a landing door key without the written permission of the department.
  4. Data error log for the control panel in the lift motor room shall be examined and conducted regularly by a competent person. Repair work has to be carried out on all the safety devices for the lift machine that had been identified to be faulty.
  5. Lift owner must provide a complete and practical emergency action plan to undertake the safe rescue of the persons trapped inside the lift car.


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