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Shell transporter holds annual drill to test readiness, efficiency - Borneo Post Online

Borneo Post Online, 24 December 2014

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Two petroleum tankers purportedly collided, causing some spills and injuries to one of the workers.

KUCHING: A major drill was conducted by the transport contractor of Shell Timor Sdn Bhd at its station operated by Nam Joon Trading Sdn Bhd in Siburan near here yesterday.

Shell transport safety officer Abdullah Chee said the drill was an annual event conducted by Song Transport Company Sdn Bhd, Shell’s contractor for the transportation of its petroleum products in the state to test their speed and efficiency in handling emergency situations.

Also involved in the drill were the police, Fire and Rescue Department, Department of Environment (DOE) and Medical Department.

“I am really pleased with the fire fighters who also joined the drill because even though they knew that it was not a real incident still they acted as if it was not a created scene,” he said.

According to Abdullah, that should be the case because people must be aware that accidents involving petroleum could be a matter of life and death and therefore must be taken very seriously.

“We have set certain safety requirements for our contractors, not just for the transporting of highly inflammable substances.

“One of the requirements is to conduct safety drills at least once a year to train and to test their readiness and ability to respond,” he said further.

Meanwhile, Song Transport Company Sdn Bhd’s transport manager David Lai said the exercise yesterday morning was recorded on video as well in still images.

“We want to use it as our training materials for our own personnel and also members of the public,” he said.


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