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Steam Boiler Operator Training Centre

  • Based on the legal provisions in the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations (Plants Requiring Certificates of Qualification) 2024, Regulation 12(2) An owner or occupier must ensure that any steam boiler is operated and maintained by a competent person who is a steam boiler operator as specified in the Schedule Twelfth.

    Accordingly, it is the duty of all steam boiler operators to apply for Steam Boiler Operator competence from the department to enable them to operate and maintain steam boilers in the workplace.

    Among the conditions that must be met for registration as a Competent Person Steam Boiler Operator is to attend and pass a Steam Boiler Operator course at a Training Provider recognized by the Department.

    Therefore, to ensure that the training standards provided by training providers can be controlled, approval will be given to training providers who meet the criteria set by the department.

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