Accident Involving Stadium Roof Structure

Roof structure of a stadium, which being cut for demolition has collapsed in Terengganu resulting in injuries to five persons. Figure 1 shows the condition of the roof structure after the accident.

bkf 032013
Figure 1. Panoramic view of the roof structure after the accident.

Recommendations for improvement:

  1. Demolition of buildings or engineering structures shall comply with the requirements of Factory and Machinery (Building Operations and Works of Engineering Construction) (Safety) Regulations.
  2. Demolition works should refer to the Malaysian Standard - MS 2318:2012: Demolition of buildings - Code of practice (first revision) as long as they are not inconsistent with legal requirements.
  3. The contractor shall provide a comprehensive work plan which includes method statement for the demolition that consist of the following (but not limited to):
    1. Location plan
    2. Existing building information
    3. The layout of the building
    4. Demolition procedure and sequence of operation
    5. Precautionary measures
    6. Debris Handling
    7. Special safety consideration
    8. Traffic
    9. Post-demolition arrangement.
  4. The method statement shall be reviewed and certified by professional engineer.
  5. Any amendment on method statement as proposed by the demolition contractor shall be referred to the professional engineer and this amendment shall be recorded, reviewed and re-certified.
  6. Any demolition work shall be carried out by demolition contractor registered with the Construction Industry Development Board, Malaysia.