Occupational Health Division

Occupational Health Division is made up of doctors, head nurses, nurses, assistant environmental health officer and assistant inspector of factories and machinery. The main objective of this division is to enforce occupational health related legal requirements and encourages the adoption of health promotion and health protection in all workplaces.


Occupational Health Division consists of two sections:
i. Occupational Medicine Section.
ii. Accreditation Section.



Occupational Medicine Section.

  1. Monitoring notification of occupational diseases and poisoning cases and assisting in the investigation of occupational diseases and poisoning cases in the respective states.
  2. Monitoring the activities of occupational disease investigation by state officials.
  3. Investigation of occupational diseases cases for ex-gratia compensation of government employees in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and the Royal Malaysian Police.
  4. Analyzing occupational disease and poisoning reports from the sates and prepare compilation report
  5. To provide advisory services to state offices, external agencies, health practitioners, and the public regarding health issues related to employment.
  6. To provide input on occupational health related issues to other departments or ministries.
  7. Monitoring the implementation of the Code of Practice on HIV / AIDS and Drugs, Alcohol and Substance Abuse in the workplace.
  8. Conducting Basic Occupational Health Program (BOH), particularly in the Small and Medium Industries
  9. Conducting Health Screening Program (MyHess) for Department of Occupational Safety and Health employees.

Accreditation Section 

  1. Registration and renewal of Occupational Health Doctors certificate under the Use and Standards of Chemicals Hazardous to Health Regulations 2000 (USECHH 2000)
  2. Monitoring health and medical surveillance conducted by Occupational Health Doctors registered with the department.
  3. Planning seminars, courses, or dialogue to promote awareness of occupational health.
  4. Organizing First Aid Programme in the workplace for the employees of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health

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