• Soalan Lazim


The requirement to prepare and submit an inventory is applicable to importer and/or manufacturer. Each hazardous chemical which is imported or manufactured in a quantity of 1 metric tonne (1000 kg) and above per year (1st January until 31st December) needs to be included in the inventory that needs to be submitted annually.

The inventory needs to be submitted by 31st March every year. The submission period is advised to be from 1st January until 31st March every year. It is advised that the importer/ manufacturer to submit the inventory as soon as possible to avoid congestion of the system.

It is advised that the importer/manufacturer submit the inventory using the system that can be reached using the following link: https://cims.dosh.gov.my/. To use this system, each importer/manufacturer for each premise will have to be registered with the system. Please be reminded that the CIMS is not a classification software, it is just a submission system.

As per Regulation 14 (3), CLASS Regulations, the inventory shall contain the following information:

  1. The product identifier;
  2. The name of the hazardous chemical;
  3. The composition and ingredients of a hazardous chemical;
  4. The hazard classification; and
  5. The total quantity of each hazardous chemical imported or supplied.

Any supplier which have been found not submitting or does not submit the inventory in time might be subjected to a penalty as per stated in the Regulations. No late submission will be entertained.

Local suppliers who obtained imported chemicals from other local suppliers are not considered as importers and therefore not required to submit inventory. Definition of importer in CLASS Regulations is only applicable for importers whom obtain supplies of chemicals directly from oversea.