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There are 7 types of PPE that require the approval from Director General of DOSH which includes respiratory, hearing, eyes, hands, foot, body and head protection.

The requirements for PPE approval are stipulated in Factory and Machinery Act 1967, Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 and its Regulations. These legislations can be referred from Legislations on PPE.

It is applicable for all PPE products using in the workplaces, including both imported and locally made PPE products.

The enforcement date as below

  1. Head and Foot Protection-since 1st June 2020
  2. Respirator Protection (Particulate Filter)- start 1st June 2021
  3. Body Protection (Safety Harness and Accessories)- start 1st June 2021
  4. Others type of PPE-start 1st June 2022

Employer must ensure all PPE use in workplaces have DOSH-SIRIM certification marks. The requirement for PPE supplier or manufacture to obtain DOSH-SIRIM approval has been introduced by DOSH in 2016.

PPE without DOSH approval is allowed to use until it’s expiry. The next purchase of PPE must have DOSH approval with DOSH-SIRIM certification marks.

Please refer http://mykkp.dosh.gov.my/ > Log masuk ke MySKUD > Pendaftaran dan Pembaharuan Kelengkapan Pelindung Diri (KPD).

For further info, refer flowchart for DOSH-SIRIM Approval please refer DOSH-SIRIM approval flowchart.

DOSH will further review the following points -

  1. Phased approach to lessen the burden for the industry
  2. To allow product grouping of family of similar type.
  3. Ways to reduce burden to the industry in term of cost (product test & factory audit) and time.