Tower Crane Systems Monitoring

Tower crane system monitoring (TSM) is a system used to digitally monitor the operation of tower crane, which can help the contractor to safely operate the tower crane. The sensors and early warning systems will reduce the possibility of the operator making mistakes during the operation of the tower cranes.

Tower cranes are used to lift load in high rise building construction and it is very important machinery to speed-up the construction process. However, there are several incidents involving tower cranes. Incidents are commonly due to:

  1. negligence of the crane operators;
  2. crane parts that have worn out;
  3. incompetent crane operator; and
  4. overloading.

There have also been several cases of tower crane accidents involving the members of public. When any accident happened, the construction work will have to be stopped while the investigation by the DOSH is carried out. This is an expensive process to the contractors and also unnecessary loss to the victim and his family.

The use of TSM can ensure the operation of tower crane to be carried out in safe manner and thus reduce the possibility of accident.

Some of the benefits of TSM are:

  1. the system is using a black box which will gather and send the operating data for safe keeping in the cloud. Data can be downloaded when needed;
  2. ensure the lifted load does not exceed the safe working load;
  3. equipped with an anti-collision and zoning system; and
  4. the operation of tower crane can be monitored on-line using the mobile application. Tower crane operation can also be stopped remotely.

TSM can be installed onto all models of tower crane. The TSM devices are installed external to the crane control system to avoid interfering with the crane system.

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