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  • Explosion Involving Oxgen Cylinder in Oxygen Refilling Plant

Explosion Involving Oxgen Cylinder in Oxygen Refilling Plant

bkf 032014Figure 1: View of the plant after oxygen cylinders explosion

An oxygen cylinder explosion has occurred at an oxygen refilling plant which resulted in a death of a worker and another was seriously injured. The explosion has caused a severe damage at the refilling area, shattered the windows and ceiling panels of nearby buildings (within a radius of 3-6 meters). Investigation revealed that the incident took place during refilling of oxygen gas into the cylinder is in progress. There was also a number of filled cylinders which ready for delivery to customers.

Prior to this incident, it is recommended to follow these safety measures :

  1. Ensure all cylinder received for refilling are free from physical defect (corrode, scales, pitting, dented etc) which can reduce its durability;
  2. Ensure that there is no impurities such as oil and grease on the valve before conducting any oxygen refilling process;
  3. Ensure the valve used is not leaking before and during it is install on the cylinder;
  4. Filled oxygen cylinder should always be kept in upright position during storage as well as during delivery;
  5. Employers should ensure that employees are provided with training, thorough understanding of handling cylinder before, during and after filling; and
  6. Employers should ensure that the cylinder is operated in a good, free of falling and being knocked.


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