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  • The Explosion and Fire Involving LPG In One Of The Shopping Malls

The Explosion and Fire Involving LPG In One Of The Shopping Malls

Recently, there was an explosion and fire involving liquefied petroleum gas[LPG] on 28 September 2011 in one of the premier shopping malls in Subang Jaya.The incident happened in the early morning at about 3.45am and was traced to the accidental escape of the LPG from one of the food retail outlets on the lower ground floor. Flash fire was noticed during the explosion. Two persons who were on the ground (G) floor were thrown off and landed on their backs some distance away. Another two security guards who were at the control room at the level P1 carpark were slightly injured by fallen debris.

Extensive property damages from the pressure waves on more than sixty retail outlets were noted. The explosion also shattered some portion of the glass façade for the buildings across the road.

Mass evacuation of the hotel guests were made to ensure their safety.

Safety recommendations

  1. The owner of the shopping mall has to provide a written safety procedure and information on the safe handling and usage of LPG to all the occupiers.
  2. Workers have to be trained, instructed and provided with information on the hazard and risk involving the handling and usage of LPG.
  3. Emergency response plan [ERP] has to be prepared so that everybody who is in the complex during the emergency knows what and how to react safely when the fire alarm is sounded.
  4. Gas detectors which are installed in the outlets that used LPG have to be installed as per manufacturer’s specifications and checked at regular intervals.
  5. The building management has to be informed of any modification or relocation of the LPG system by the owner of the outlets.
  6. The LPG system that is installed has to comply to approved international codes and standards.

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