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  • DOSH holds 3-in-1 event to enhance rapport with SMEs - Borneo Post Online

DOSH holds 3-in-1 event to enhance rapport with SMEs - Borneo Post Online

Borneo Post Online, 23 October 2017



SIBU : A three-in-one event – small medium sized enterprises (SME) appreciation ceremony, dialog with SME Association, and Hands on MYKKP-JKKP 8 was held in Kuching recently. The event was organised by the state Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH). DOSH Sarawak deputy operations director Mut Sagai officiated at the event during which forty-three participants received Occupational Safety and Health Coordinator (OSH-C) certificate. A representative from Yii Guo Food Industries Sdn Bhd, represented Sarawak for Best Practice in OSH 2016. Workplaces selected to participate in the ‘Program Dana Perkeso-WISE 2017’ were WH Furniture and Works Sdn Bhd, Rosfaniaga Services Sdn Bhd and Major Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd. The event also included discussions on work improvement in small Enterprise and hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk control besides dialogue sessions with SME Association. The objective of event was to accord appreciation to SMEs in Sarawak, establish closer rapport between the department and SME Association in the state. It was also to promote the activities of the department to stress on the importance of occupational safety and health at the workplace. DOSH Sarawak hoped that through such programme, it would create awareness among SME operators on the department’s concern towards the development of occupational safety and health in SMEs. Also present were representatives from SMEs in Sarawak namely Sarawak Bumiputera Entreprenuers Chamber of Commerce, Giat Mara, Sarawak Bumiputera Manufacturers Association, Entrepreneur Chamber of Rural Industries and Sarawak Cuisine Association.

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