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Gas leak at factory sends workers running - BorneoPost Online

BorneoPost Online, 17 December 2014

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Bomba personnel checking the gas leakage at the ice-making factory.

MIRI: Six workers of an ice-making factory at Desa Lutong Industrial Zone ran helter skelter yesterday morning to avoid inhaling ammonia gas leaking from their factory.

Over 30 other workers at the nearby premises also left to escape the toxic gas which could be fatal.

According to a factory worker Lia Pilau, 36, he and five others were packing ice cubes at about 10 am when they heard the sound of gas leaking.

“Minutes later, we smelled ammonia gas and for our safety we evacuated to avoid further inhaling it. We informed our boss who telephoned Bomba (Fire and Rescue Department),” he said when met at the scene.

A Bomba spokesperson said upon receiving a call on the incident at 10.50am, six personnel in one fire engine went to the scene.

“Upon reaching the scene, almost the whole factory was affected by the leaking gas though the leak was a minor one. We managed to control the situation within 15 minutes,”

No one was injured and investigation is ongoing to find out what caused the leak.


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