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Major Hazard

The CIMAH Regulations are applicable to manufacturers undertaking industrial activities which involve the processing, utilisation, production or storage of hazardous substances in a quantity which exceeds the threshold quantity as listed in schedules 1 and 2, except nuclear installations, installations belonging to the armed forces, a vehicle or vessel transporting hazardous substances to or from the site of an industrial activity, or manufacturers undertaking industrial activities which involve a quantity of hazardous substance which is equal to or less than 10 per cent of the threshold quantity of the hazardous substance.

You should make notification of the hazardous substances as well as their quantities using the Notification of Industrial Activity Form (JKKP 5) and submit it to the Major Hazard Division, Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Putrajaya.

Manufacturers or owners of major hazard installations should submit three documents: Industrial Activity Report, Site Emergency Plan and Information to the Public

Name   Ext. No.  
Mohd Nadzim bin Maslan 5340

Ku Nurfuzana binti Ku Mohamad Faudzi    5335

Nurul Fatimah Bayah binti Haron 1204

Muhammad Zulhairy bin Abdullah 5332

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