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Building Construction Safety Division



  • Coordinate the construction site enforcement activities by the DOSH States
  • Coordinating the methods used for construction site enforcement activities
  • Analyse information/ results/ feedback from enforcement and operation of construction site
  • Update statistics and data of construction site
  • Arrange meeting between the Head of Construction Work Section of the DOSH states every 6 months
  • Organizing workshops/ short courses to officers of Construction Work Section
  • Update data related with enforcement and personnel of construction site
  • Organized retreat to revise the methods/check lists used for enforcement activities of construction site
  • Provide training to officers of Construction Work Section state offices
  • Coordinating the construction site operationa


  • Implement and coordinate project planning including the appointment of consultants, design and preparation of tender documents by consultants
  • Provide construction safety engineering expert service
  • Conduct research on the construction industry personnel
  • Develop a framework of procedures/ guidelines for the use of officers of Construction Work Section of state offices
  • Being a resource person to the officers of Construction Work Section of state offices related to construction safety
  • Carry out research on new machinery in accordance with international codes


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