Quality, Occupational Safety And Health Policy

It is a policy of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health to continuously enhance the quality of products, services and safety and health performance of staff alongside the relevant persons.

Both the management and the staff will work together in preventing any potential non-conformity of products and services, and any possibility of injury arising from incidents occurring at work places.

This Department is committed to:

In order to ensure the implementation of this policy, the Quality, Occupational Safety and Health Management System is created, implemented and maintained by this Department.


Training Policy

It is the aim of this department to develop an efficient, trained, virtuous and professional workforce through a systematic and well-planned training management system devised in accordance with the mission and objectives of the department to :

  •  Groom a qualified, educated, capable and virtuous workforce; 
  •  Improve skill, efficiency and expertise; 
  •  Achieve productive and high quality work performance; and  
  •  Improve career development  

This department is committed to prepare sources and facilities that are needen to achieve the aim stated above.